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Stargazing for Dummies – One of the best books to buy!

Stargazing for Dummies, book

Stargazing For Dummies. If you have a passing interest in the night sky. Are just starting out in astronomy, or are already a seasoned astronomer. Then this is the book for you.

Read on to find out even more about this brilliant guide book. For sky watchers of all levels.

Written by Steve Owens. A very successful UK-based freelance science communicator, astronomer, and furthermore good friend of mine. Stargazing for Dummies will guide you through the basics.  It will also make your evenings looking up at the night sky more fun, interesting and productive.

Not just a guide book

This isn’t just a book for beginners. It is also a comprehensive reference book for all aspects of stargazing and amateur astronomy.  From summaries of main astronomical objects, subjects and events. Through to constellation guides for both Northern and Southern hemispheres.  Furthermore, to make sure they are accurate, the constellations were drawn by Steve himself. Consequently to make sure they represent the heavens correctly.

Not only does Stargazing for Dummies tell you about celestial objects and events.  It gives no-nonsense information on when and how to find them. Above all, helping the reader familiarise themselves easily with the night sky. Perfect for beginners and seasoned astronomers alike.

The book also includes a huge variety of excellently drawn graphics and tips. Making the information very easy to absorb. Even by someone new to, or with just a passing interest in stargazing.

Many other stargazing books can overwhelm the reader with technical information. I think there is just enough information in this book for anyone to get to grips with. It’s plain and simple. As it says on the cover; “Making Everything Easier!”

In my opinion, Stargazing for Dummies should be treated as an essential handbook by anyone interested in the night sky. It should be kept very close to your window, binoculars or telescope. You will find it to be very handy.

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