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Perseid Meteorwatch – Saturday 10th to Monday 12th of August 2013

Perseid Meteor Shower

Artists Illustration of perseid Meteors Credit: Meteorwatch

The Perseid meteorwatch 2013

The Perseid meteorwatch 2013 starts on Saturday 10th and runs each evening until Monday 12th of August 2013 @VirtualAstro  with the help of many more people, will be holding a Twitter #Meteorwatch for the Perseid Meteor Shower.

Everyone is welcome to join in, whether they are an astronomer, have a slight interest in the night sky or have a passing interest and just wonder?

The Perseids are the highlight of the astronomical calendar and a must see! They are ideal for those who want to see a meteor/ shooting star for the first time.

You don’t need a telescope, binoculars or any other equipment; just your eyes. You don’t even need to look in any particular direction, just look up filling your gaze with sky. For an easy guide to observing the Perseids, here is a guide on when and where to look. The Perseids will be visible over much of the planet, especially the Northern hemisphere.

As well as looking up, enjoying the night sky with us and seeing meteors – maybe for the first time? You will be able to see other objects such as the Milky Way, satellites and other wonders including constellations, planets and much more.

Use the hash tag: #Meteorwatch and get involved, ask questions, do some science, follow the event and enjoy the wonders of the night sky with us. Images and other information will be tweeted as it happens. Live!

Join in on Twitter, Facebook and Google+

Perseid Meteors

The highlight of the summer meteor showers: The Perseids reach maximum around the 12th of August and may put on a display of approximately 80 to 100 meteors per hour under ideal viewing conditions.

Conditions this year are ideal due to there being little interference from the Moon. Let’s hope the skies stay clear. For your weather check out the Perseid event page from the Met Office

Perseid meteors are often bright with persistent trails which can linger for a while after the meteor has burned up. Further information on the Perseid meteor shower and how to view it, can be found here.


The Twitter Meteorwatch will startas soon as it gets dark on the evening of the 10th of August and will continue through to the evening of the 12th. People from around the world are invited to join in on twitter and enjoy the chatter while watching these cosmic fireworks.


Perseid Meteor Shower

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