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Lyrid Meteor Shower, Lyrids, Lyrid, Meteor Shower, Meteors
Lyrids Radiant Credit: Virtualastro

April showers? Yes! The 16th to the 25th this month brings us the April Lyrid Meteor Shower. The peak occurring on April 21st.

The meteors in the Lyrid Meteor shower tend to be bright and leave persistent trains as they enter the Earth’s atmosphere. In recent years the shower has averaged 10 to 20 meteors per hour.

You may think that this sounds like a fairly mediocre shower and not worth bothering with. It has been known for the Lyrids to surge and rates rise rapidly to over 100 per hour! This is what makes this shower so interesting and difficult to predict. Will it be a biggy this year or not?

Lyrid meteors radiate from a point (radiant) in the constellation of Lyra and this is where this shower gets its name. Therefore, best time to look for Lyrid meteors will late in the evening on April 21st after 10 pm as the constellation of Lyra rises up from the northeast horizon. There is no need to look in any particular direction however, as the meteors will appear randomly in any part of the sky.

For more information on how to view this meteor shower please see https://meteorwatch.org/science-observing/watching-meteors/ and good luck

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