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The BAA Meteor Section encourages amateurs to become involved in meteor astronomy through active observation, section meetings, and contributions to the section newsletter and other publications of the BAA.

Occasional reports are published in the Journal of the BAA. An account of the activity of the section each year can be found in the Report of the Meteor Section, part of the Association's Annual Report.

The aims of the BAA Meteor Section are:

Collection of visual, telescopic, photographic, video and radio observations of meteor activity on a routine basis, at all times of the year and not only when major shower activity is expected. The data add to a long-term archive of information covering activity, allowing long-term trends to be studied. Photographic and video observations yield valuable positional and orbital data. The Section also collects fireball reports for the British Fireball Survey (originally a joint exercise with the now defunct Artificial Satellite Section)

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