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Starship Flight Test

Starship Flight Test

The first flight test of a fully integrated SpaceX Starship Rocket

Watch the first full Starship Rocket launch Live as we enter the next chapter of the golden age of spaceflight.

This is a test of the fully configured Starship Spacecraft and massive booster rocket. The launch will send the largest spacecraft ever made into space while its booster is set to return to Earth and land safely, if the test goes well.

Starship has been designed to be a fully reusable rocket system where both the massive booster and Starship spacecraft can be reused swiftly, multiple times.

Capable of carrying more than ever before, with up to 250 tons of cargo, or 100 passengers. Starship is destined to be the primary vehicle used in getting people on Mars.

Todays test is only a launch test, boosting a Starship into orbit. Will the test go to plan or end spectacularly?

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Credit: SpaceX

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